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May/June The Month of aligning your life with God’s mercy!

For many years, I could not understand why major “major” events would show up in my life specifically during the months of late May and or early June. Wow! I could look back over my life and see so many significant events that shifted my life in forward motion or sometimes in reverse--from the birth of my two children in the month June (1991,2003), from the diagnosis of my mother with terminal cancer in the month of May (2011), to my husband and I finding out that we are moving to another part of world in the month of May (2018). Overtime, I learned that none of this was coincidental! Basically these precedented events was an indicator of how I had been either living my life IN SYNC WITH #GOD OR HOW SOMETHING IN MY LIFE WAS OUT OF SYNC WITH HIM. It cringes me to think that I didn't understand how systemic God was and how our behaviors and the behaviors people around us have a predestined time to show up in our lives. Unfortunately, that lack of acknowledge of all this valuable information affected the quality of my life for many years.

When I say God is systematic, I mean He does things descent and in order. He doesn't make emotional moves, He makes sound moves. EVERYTHING and I mean everything that God does for you is meticulously thought out. We are the apple of His eye and He wants you to drink from His cup of victory everyday.

When speaking of God’s spiritual systems, God uses ‘calendar’ months to show how He --who exists beyond the perimeters of time ---progresses through and in our lives to make things happens. He also uses specific months as times to visit us, bless us, personally guide us and even correct us. Yes, God does have a schedule and we must learn His schedule because it is very easy to miss a mighty move from God in your life.

For instance, this last month was a period that God was handing out an overabundance supply of mercy. What is mercy? It’s God’s gift of covering you from setbacks, disasters- both unforeseen and foreseen--and sometimes from punishments and consequences that we truly deserve. God word says: His mercies are new every morning (Lam 3:22-23). God covers us with His mercy to help us rebound from short term and long term health and #financial issues; and He is able to cover us and our family members with His love and mercies as we restore our #spiritualconnection with Him. These are only a few among and an ocean of mercies that God has for us.

God assures you that His #mercy has the power to help you get back into alignment with Him and with all the wonderful things that He has for you (Eph 2:4-5). Even though God ‘calendar’ month of supernatural mercy has took its course, it is never to late to ask God to extend His mercy upon your life. That is how loving and merciful He is!

Once you ask and believe that you have received (by #faith) God’s mercy, the ball is in your court! So quickly get back in alignment with God! Get back on track! He’s not asking you why did you do this and why did you do that? Just get back in there with Him! Re-evaluate #relationships, re-visit your motives, search your heart and emotional views and moves, and then ask God where can I do better with all of this? God loves you and He is giving you, RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT, (no questions asked) the opportunity to shift into proper alignment with Him!

Simple prayer: God! I need you! I am dealing with some things that just does not feel, look right or could be better. Help me to get my life and those areas aligned with You! I don't want to miss you ever again! In Jesus name, Amen!

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